To caress the roughness of the bark. To inhale the sweet and pungent perfume of freshly-cut wood. To listen to the sound of the blade that cuts into the trunk. To scrutinize, in the smallest detail, the imperfections that Nature has left in the wood. To savour, in an authentic way, the moment of the selection of the wood, a moment which must be as delicate as it is important for a product that once it is nished , will be truly eternal. This is what our collaborators do every day to guarantee the uniqueness of a result to a high level of craftsman- ship. Because the raw material is what is important, selected by pro- fessionals who perform their work with passion and love.


A bet, a success: Italy. The choice of the Antica Falegnameria Annoni e Perego is to rediscover the traditions and secrets of the master carpenters of a time gone by, and to pour all this precious knowledge into today’s creations, together with the innovations of the present time. The result is a product that is not only wood, not only parquet, but a marriage between dexterity and progress, between antique and modern, between the past and the present. Our expert craftsmen are heirs to a craft which is improving day by day taking the carpentry industry to the maximum of sophistication and precision. This is a assurance of quality.


Cut to measure, is exactly what it is. As a tailor who takes the measu- rements necessary to make a suit which fits like a glove, so our car- penters interpret more particular requests. They play with the wood like an artist who combines the colours on a canvas mixing matter and genius, sweat and fantasy. Thus the wood becomes the dreams of the most whimsical clients, who can see surfaces personalized according to their own tastes, from colours to the workmanship, from combinations with stone, material and glass to cabinet making, to in- lay, to historical renovation, the fruit of tailor- made projects.


Time cannot harm what is made with love. A guarantee of professionalism and also the security of the quality of the elaborations: first choice materials, professionalism, craftsmanship and uniqueness are the right ingredients for a product which you can de ne almost eternal. For this, the professionals of the Antica Falegnameria Annoni e Perego are always available to give advice, a suggestion about the best treatment to conserve your parquet.


We have decided to embrace this philosophy which in its simplicity is the kingpin around which gravitates all our work. We can in fact trace every phase of the transformation of the wood, taking care to select material from protected forests retained in good health with operations of maintenance and re-planting. The protection of the ecosystem is part of the excellent standard of the Antica Falegnameria Annoni e Perego. All our materials comply with the requirements of the regulations of the European Union and are branded CE.


The Antica Falegnameria Annoni e Perego is also synonymous with guarantee. A guarantee for 15 years because we are so sure of the quality of our product that we are ready to insure our parquet for such a long time. We are one of the few companies in Italy which offers its clients a plus so advantageous . Because professionalism is also transferred through the certainty that accurate work and thorough quality controls guarantee parquet which reflects the highest standards of quality. Only for you. Without fear.

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